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About Us

EZ OPEN’s creation happened when four entrepreneurs came together and asked themselves: “How can I keep my community safe?. We all know how germs like to stay on surfaces for hours and even days at a time. The surfaces that people interact with the most can harbor very dangerous agents. EZ OPEN aims at the surface most people don’t think twice about, the door handle.

This company’s founders Josny, Carlos, Ernesto, and Milly all come from fairly large families and when it comes to keeping such large families safe and clean, the easier the better. Finding an easy and handless method of opening a door was not going to be a simple task. Luckily, Carlos & Ernesto has owned a manufacturing company for over 20 years (Quality Tool & Welding) and, after a few prototypes, the device was created.

No new creation is complete without a name. So, while discussing how quick and easy this new device was, Milly came up with the name EZ OPEN and with this new name, Josny could finally take it to market. Making their vision come to reality.