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BLACK No Touch Door Opener Multitool With Stylus Tip - Contactless Door Operation - Touch Free ATM And Elevator Operation - Bottle Opener - Key Ring

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  • ✅ CONTACTLESS OPERATION - Keep contaminants away from your hands by using our multipurpose no touch door opener tool with stylus tip. Perfect for public shared surfaces such as Door Handles and Pulls, Touch Screens, ATM, Elevator, POS Terminals, Light Switches, Sinks, etc.
  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY - The keys are made from high-strength, high-resistant, zinc-alloy material which makes it perfect for everyday use in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Each key comes with a key ring that you can use as a keychain to store your home, office, and car keys. Can be easily stored in your pocket, wallet, bago or backpack due to its compact size.
  • ✅ UPGRADED DESIGN - Unlike other “door openers” in the market, this has a Non-slip door hook with ridges, which makes it easier to fit a wide variety of door handles and pulls. The non-slippery finger hole gives you the needed leverage to push or pull doors. The color of this key is Black.
  • ✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Our contactless key comes with a durable silicon stylus tip, which is compatible with touch screens, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, it can also function as a can & bottle opener.